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Card Of The Day: 9 of swords (The card of nightmares and despair)

Pictured 9 of swords from the Ryder Waite deck by Pamela Colmon Smith.

Card of the day: 9 of swords

Todays #card

Be a very balanced and prepared person today. Mercury is in the black and orange spectrums of dominance and is in to a feeling that is vastly dominant should we allow such a nightmare anxiety feeling to kick in.

Clean the house and change the sheets with extra attention than usual. Make everything feel different this card shows no mercy and nothing happy if you allow it to have its own way. Everything will be feeling wrong.

Hang on to your seats. This card makes a feeling possible that's very different if you let yourself have a break and don't let it lord over you. It can mean meetings ahead with people from the past and technology giving you a problem, it displays all the traits of Mercury in full swing. Being the planetary feeling of communication, this is a lot about how we perceive others.

Be a tower of strength today when this card is in your feelings, especially if you are in the libra categories and Leo can be affected if your moon sign takes you to the deep waters.

Wandering in the night feeling with this card, and a feeling of picking the fibres and wrecking the material. In this waning moon cycle, it is best to let things pass out of the feeling of the 9s in the air of fowl communication and let it sink somewhere.

Be a clever person at this time and reserve your opinions until a better day.

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