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A healthy emotional body makes for a healthy mind.

What is our feelings body, how do we maintain it? how does our feelings body coincide with our own emotional recognition and how we perceive the outside world?

We are always emotionally responsive whether we feel this to be the truth or not. Our feelings constantly respond to the outside world, and in return, project feelings back outwards from our inner emotional spectrums present in our interdimensional chakra system's and our emotional bodies in full. We are connected by vast threads and cords connected through our feelings bodies. The feelings body is literally responsible for all our emotional feeling sensations that we project and perceive from and to the outside world.

What is a feelings body? How does this affect us mentally?

We respond to our environment. Grey clouds outside make for a grey mood. We make no happy feelings for ourselves without a bright feeling. Ever wondered why we can feel other people around us? Other than the obvious physical sensory feelings? It's our feelings bodies. Constantly threading and constantly connecting like a giant emotional circuit board. Our emotions react to the funneling in our chakra systems. This is what makes us be a part of our universal collective. Feminine Chakra systems rotate anti- clockwise, whilst the Masculine system rotates clockwise. This is how we connect to people emotionally via our chakra systems, cords and threads. Between the masculine and feminine, they will literally align in the chakra systems like cogs when our energies are communicating at particular frequencies. The colours in our aura and our emotional bodies also play an important role. Red for example, is our root colour, whilst yellow/gold represents power.

Love feelings come from the epicenter of our chakra systems and make vibrations continuously amongst our universal collectives. We are at peace the most when our emotional bodies are balanced.

Making ourselves aware is important. If we struggle emotionally, it takes a humongous toll on our mental health. We are needing 3 main points to be addressed in order to feel completely revitalised in our feelings bodies and spectrums.

  1. Our eating habits

  2. Our drinking habits

  3. Our night sleep and how we wind down.

The feelings body is the second body in our outer aura layers and connects to the integral core of our feelings. The feelings body has a direct connection to our emotional feelings and our mental state. It responds to outside environment in every sensory way, and every emotional feeling the same.

We don't like to be told what to do as people, and we don't like to be told we can't do things neither. Simple instructions that respond in our bodies, spark extreme anxiety if we are feeling challenged or restricted in any way. Aligning our bodies and re- routing our feelings is a sure way to tackle such a feeling and trans- mutate feelings back in to the ground for more accurate emotional thinking and wellbeing.

We are always feeling like we are searching for a purpose. This is because our energies react to the environment around us. You need lots of good vitalise feelings especially natural sunlight to charge your spectrums. Spectrums are vitally important from top to bottom. The roots of our feet even reciprocate feelings. We are sensory people. We need lots of touch to understand our emotions. Bad sexual cording can affect us negatively, be sure to cut cords and ties with all feelings that feel negative and like they don't belong in your energies, we will literally carry these around with us in our sacral until WE address it often. A good cord cutting is always recommended. We are thought to shed our unwanted and outgrown layers fully every 7 years! A good time to take out those dirty cords also!

Good feelings come from a healthy body, let's address our feeding habits, it DEFINITELY affects us emotionally when our receptors aren't fully charged!

Be a happy feeling always in your own awareness! Night sleep if we don't know how to rest. Our emotional body also drags on us when we are uncompliant. Sleep IS important. We know nothing of why night and day without observing our biorhythms. We are better emotionally when we have a good fruit diet and lots of sleep that's obvious! What's less obvious is the amount of spectrums that we need to observe.

Oranges 🍊 and vitamin C is our first point of sunlight reflective beneficial feelings as well as internally. Orange is the colour of power! Vitamin C is vital for our emotional bodies balance also!

Banana's 🍌 are a source of vitamin B12 vital for our sleep and immunity. This is an important and necessary for our physical and emotional feelings outside and in. Accompanied by such ground feeds as sweet potatoes, starts to balance and revitalise people who suffer difficulties.

Plums are also excellent along with strawberries for our root feelings.

Feel special always!

Desouza Oracle.

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