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Return & Exchange Policy

We do not offer refunds,  however alternative merchandise or services can be provided to mitigate instances in which you have not received the desired outcome. Please note that products are often handmade and personalised which means that the product has been tailored for a specific purpose. In this case, we can only offer an alteration or an exchange to your product. Prices  for a possible return, following an alteration or a repair can be discussed between yourselves and ourselves depending on the circumstance at hand. Shipping  fees for a return can possibly be refunded if it is proven that we are responsible for the item being returned. 

Items are typically shipped out between 3 to 5 working days and postage and packaging is included in the store price unless it is stated otherwise.

Please note that spell work can take time to manifest as it has to travel across multiple paradigms before it comes to pass in this reality. Results are immediate but do be aware that outcomes may occasionally manifest in ways that are different from how you first imagined. Rest assured that the work will open the pathways to success for you but the form this takes may, from time to time, divert from what you’d originally thought.
Tarot: Refunds may be granted under the condition that the reader has not been able to connect or the querent expresses they are unhappy within ten minutes of the reading.

Return Policy

Items can be returned within 14 days so long as they are returned in perfectly good condition, unless there is a fault with the item. Items returned due to any damage that we are liable for can be returned within 14 days, or we can offer you a replacement item. We don’t typically offer refunds except in the case of a damaged product we are liable for, or if there isn’t an alternative exchange that can be made for the product. If it is an item that you are unhappy with for any other reason (e.g., you’ve ordered the wrong product), then we can offer a replacement item should there be a valid reason, providing it has been returned in the same condition as it was received in. In such cases, we cannot offer a refund, but we can offer an exchange. Please provide us with photos of your damaged item upon receipt so we can discuss a suitable way to resolve the issue.

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