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I am shaman, professional spellcaster and master energy healer, working across a plethora of
healing and magical modalities. I have been assisting people for over eighteen years to find the right
path to love, wealth and happiness and I specialise in traditional crafts of reading, spell work and energy
healing. I treat each of the clients who come to me seeking my help with love and compassion, and with
the good will to offer them the best solutions to their problems in the hope they’ll leave feeling
empowered and ready to put their best foot forward.

As a healer my work is comprised of shamanic cleansing, journeying and soul retrieval. I am a certified
kundalini reiki master and a master of five kinds of reiki and multidimensional light healing. I specialise
in removing foul entities from mind, body and soul, as well as offering house clearances to remove any
foul energies or negative entities from the home. My work as an energy healer uses reiki and universal
quantum matrix healing to remove auric parasites and energetic blocks that are standing in my clients’
way of happiness and success.

As a spellcaster all of my spell work is performed using authentic rootwork and obeah. I am a master
of spell work as well as a plethora of healing and magical modalities which I incorporate into my work.
I offer tailored spell work and rituals for individuals looking for solutions to their problems. Alongside
personal consultations and custom spell work, I also provide tools for practitioners, varying from
homemade fixed candles to personalised packages that can be tailored to a particular space you’re
seeking assistance in (e.g., protection, prosperity and love). All my products are handmade, powered
and charged by myself, fixed with powerful recipes that make them invisible to negative energies that
may seek to interfere with your work. The tools I provide for practitioners include handmade salt and
personal packages which can be used for altar work and personal work.

As a psychic: I am intuitive clairvoyant, specialising in Oracle guidance, runes, tarot, crystal ball
readings, palm readings and mediumship. Being clairvoyant, clairsentient and empathic I can not only
offer you accurate advice, but I can also offer you the who, what, how and (most importantly) the why
behind your current situation. As a medium I offer services to connect you with your guides or relatives
who have passed on. In the spirit of fairness, if I am unable to connect you with a loved one, I will
refund your reading. For tarot and rune readings I have a simple and fair ten-minute reading policy: if
(within ten minutes) you express that you are not happy with the reading and we both agree it is not
accurate, then I offer a full refund. I give honest readings as I see the situation and will not tell you what
you want to hear but what you need to hear, offering compassionate insight and advice on how best to
move forward.

With a keen understanding and appreciation of astrology and numerology, I incorporate my knowledge
of these areas into all aspects of the services I provide. As I work across a variety of different modalities
– ranging from spell work, rootwork, reiki and psychic services – we can discuss which is the correct
modality for you so that you see the best results possible for your situation.

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