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Monthly universal quantum matrix healing

  • 30 min
  • Remote session

Service Description

Monthly Energy Boost/Subscription This healing removes any fowl energies from mind, body and soul, boosting participant’s overall energy levels, as well as helping to maintain love and relationships. This energy healing can also help with healing family bonds. The meaning of the word Reiki Reiki means relative movement of universal energy: it is in every living thing. Reiki is an integral part of life itself. If our core energies are imbalanced, we will not function properly as people. As such, we will be undertaking a monthly healing to keep participant’s energy moving correctly, as well as removing any auric parasites. This is remote energy work, meaning you do not have to attend in person for the healing to take effect. As such, we ask that you follow the instructions correctly: No alcohol for at least 6 hours before, and the day after (preferably). Try to keep your body in good order. Try not to fast. Salt baths are also recommended during this healing. This energy healing is known to boost physic ability and will strengthen your aura and energy fields. This healing will also strengthen your energy bodies, whilst helping your outer bodies. You will see immediate results with this healing. Light Body activation can also be included where necessary, but we do provide a different subscription that deal with higher bodies separately. The separate subscription is £30 if you’re interested in Light Body activation and looking to develop your psychic abilities. These energy healings also help to realign and provide healing for your karmic bands via universal quantum matrix healing. The benefits of this healing: clears toxins from your body and well as boosting your energy levels. This healing shifts any energy that does not serve in alignment with your energetic fields. The cost of this remote energy healing is £20 a month, a huge saving for participants compared with other rates. This will be done in a group fashion although you can, if preferred, take up the cleansing energy work on an individual basis.

Contact Details


716A Woodborough Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5GJ, UK

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