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Full Multidimensional light healing experience with immediate results to assist your mental and physical health and wellbeing. I am a fully qualified Multidimensional light healer and reiki master and I am also a shaman. I will provide a full multidimensional healing through mind, body and spirit including healing karmic issues and life issues that you may be struggling with at the time. I will give all the healing needed by remote distance healing. I provide this service by appointment, we arrange a time and I will instruct you on how to receive your remote healing via the email provided. You will be required to avoid meats, fish and alcohol for 48 hours each side of the healing and you will receive a full breakdown of all your healing needs and what the advice is moving forwards. This is a very complex healing and will leave you feeling fantastic at the end of the experience.


This Multidimensional distance healing with light frequencies can either can be done in person at our business location in Mapperley Nottingham, NG3 5GJ or via our Whatsapp Business Messenger Service, Zoom Meetings, or our Facebook Messenger Service.

REIKI and Multidimensional Remote light healing (one hour)

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