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Fully certified online Tarot training to read and understand tarot fully and broadly.

Tarot is much more than just a set of divination pictures on a card. They connect directly to our energy and the universal constellation system to give us an accurate energy of all dimensions and aspects of actually just about everything that is and can be. This affects and reflects our astrological, metaphorical reality and what is and what can be. Learn to understand the real life purpose of tarot and everything it is and what we represent to tarot as much as tarot represents something to us. It is a direct energy stream to our ancestral energies and our universal alignments.

A full comprehensive course is available per week, per lesson, per month or in bulk. Taking you from a novice to an expert with full comprehensive training fully certified by myself.

Per week at £40 per lesson should you wish to break down a cost or take your time with it all.

Online Tarot courses and in person Tarot courses (fully certified)

Price Options
Online Tarot courses
£40.00every week for 24 weeks
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