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  • Made to order hand made purple voodoo doll with pins made especially for dominating your marked person, stuffed with domination roots and herbs, nails, pins, tree bark and liquorice root. pull cord is also attached at the neck made in the classic voodoo style.

    These are NOT weak dolls, they are charged and filled with intentions to dominate and are guaranteed to give strong results providing you work correctly.

    Hand stitched and made with binding yarn. Targets name and photo will need to be attached, if you wish me to insert these for you, please provide me with the details of your mark and I will send them over to you. (Send me a message and we will sort this) these dolls are for serious works to control and dominate.

    Dolls are made from cotton yarn and are propped with roots made by myself, an authentic voodoo high priestess.

    Dolls are soaked in domination oild prior to being made and are stuffed with herbs and roots of a strong handmade mixture of domination roots. The are fully charged prior to me sending them to you. Each doll has had special care and attention paid to them before sending them out to you, ensuring that they have the strongest possible results. A slot will be left in the doll for the more experienced practitioner who will want to make the most of their own energies. Prices are fixed at a reasonable rate and postage is handled with care.

    - keasa

    Hand made domination voodoo doll

    SKU: voodoo101
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